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New Practice Bulletin Released ::
EPSDT and Medicaid

The Bulletin includes information on:

  • What is the state role in the EPSDT program?
  • How does EPSDT work?
  • Why is the term ‘medically necessary' important?

To download the new Bulletin, go to: EPSDT and Medicaid.


Election Underway :: PLEASE VOTE

Time to Vote to fill seats on the AAICAMA Executive Committee!
It’s easy…no lines to wait in, no drive to the polling place.

Please complete the ballot mailed to your state for the following seats on the AAICAMA Executive Committee:

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • 4 Members-at-Large

If you did not receive a ballot please contact Robyn Bockweg at:


Looking for ::Just the Facts:: on Medicaid?

AAICAMA has developed a new series— ::Just the Facts::
The first in this series is:
State Medicaid Obligations under Federal Law for Title IV-E Adoption Assistance

Below are a few of the 'facts':

  • Separate, Medicaid applications for title IV-E eligibles is precluded by federal law.
  • Redetermination of title IV-E adoption assistance is precluded by federal law.
  • Medicaid eligibility redetermination is not required for title IV-E eligibles.

Each point is referenced by the appropriate legal citation

To download the complete document click here.

Find the County

Need to know what county a family is in or moving to?
Use the search on the National Association of Counties website:

  • City/County Search
    1. Choose 'Search for county by name of city'
    2. Choose 'Search for county by zip code
Updated: November 22, 2016