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AAICAMA Election ::
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It's election season! ICAMA professionals needed—No debating skills required!
If you work regularly administering the ICAMA you are ready to sit on the Executive Committee.

This year we're electing a new President and three Members-at-Large.

The time commitments are modest but the effect of the committee’s work is felt in every state, every day as we work together to help the children and their families.
See the:
Roles and Responsibilities for the President and the Member-at-Large positions.
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If you have any questions please contact:
Ursula Gilmore at: or any Executive Committee member.

New Practice Bulletin Released ::
Medicaid and Other Insurance

This new Practice Bulletin addresses the question: Can states require that parents or guardians place children eligible for adoption assistance or the title IV-E Guardianship Assistance Program on the family’s private, group health insurance?

Click here to read: Medicaid and Other Insurance, Issue 7, August 2015

AAICAMA Submits Comments ::
Notice for Public Comment on the Title IV-E Adoption Assistance Program’s Suspension and Termination Policies

AAICAMA held three all-state meetings to determine what policies and practices would best benefit both the children and the states if the authority to suspend title IV-E adoption assistance payments was given to the states.

Summary of AAICAMA's positions:

  • AAICAMA members support the position that jurisdictions should have authority to suspend adoption assistance payments.
  • AAICAMA members do not support any type of automatic trigger for suspension of adoption assistance payments.
  • AAICAMA members urge that a suspension MUST begin with an assessment of the specific youth and the adoptive family situation and must consider the totality of the circumstances.
  • AAICAMA members believe that in order to reinstate adoption assistance payments, both a parental response to the IV-E agency inquiry and an indication from the adoptive parent that they are actively involved with the youth and committed to resolving the circumstances that led to the suspension be required.

Click to read AAICAMA's complete response.

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